S.M.A.R.T [Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation]

 Transportation Division 

(GCA-SIR) Local 1440

OFFICE : (718) - 273 - 5060







Weingarten Rights - 1/1/2011

This document will help protect you as a union member, please read it and if you have any questions please contact a union representative


CBA - 1990 - 1/1/2011

CBA - 1995 - 1/1/2011

CBA - 2000 - 1/1/2011

CBA - 2000 (App. A) - 1/1/2011

CBA - 2000 (App. C) - 1/1/2011

CBA - 2004 - 1/1/2011

MOW - Rule 28 - 1/1/2011

Signalmen (1988) - 1/1/2011

GRIEVANCE (Forms & Information)

Grievance Information Form - 7/8/2009

Please forward copies all Grievances to the (GCA) General Committee of Adjustment Secretary) - Joe Palmieri

Grievances can be forwarded by (two-2 ways) either by E-Mail or Inter-Office Mail

Joe Palmieri's E-Mail address is : utu1440gcasecretary@gmail.com

The Inter-Office Mail address is : 331 Bay Street (Joe Palmieri - Signal Department)

When a member deems it neccessary to fill out a "Grievance Information Form" it must be properly completed and handed to their departments Vice Chairperson.  After doing so, the Vice Chairperson will then forward the GCA Secretary a copy for the union to keep track of the status of ALL grievances.  Mr. Palmieri will keep files for all grievances for the union to better protect the member's needs in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreements. 

We are moving forward to developing a more professional structure while providing the best possible service to the members.  Every grievance will be handled in the order to which it was recieved, the members needs is what is number one priority and the union is set to show it.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy - 7/11/2009

UTUIA's Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy provides a benefit for death caused by an accident. A dismemberment benefit for loss of hands, feet or eyesight is also provided, as explained below.

Guaranteed approval for active transportation employees.

A monthly premium of just $19.50 will provide the following benefits:

  • $180,000 for death caused by common carrier
  • $90,000 for death caused by automobile
  • $60,000 for accidental death
  • $30,000 for dismemberment
  • $60,000 for double dismemberment

The policy also provides:

  • $600 daily for intensive care unit (ICU) confinement
  • $60 daily for family lodging
  • $30 daily for family meals
  • $1,800 for air ambulance
  • $300 for surface ambulance

Optional Benefits

  • Family rider provides coverage for you and your spouse*

*Certain restrictions apply. See policy for details

For more information contact:

Treasurer/Secretary & Local Insurance Representative Vincent LaBella at 1-718-662-3179 or E-Mail utu1440treasurer@gmail.com or Call Toll-Free 1-800-558-8842


ANNUITY Options - 9/6/2010

People often purchase tax-deferred annuities during their working years in anticipation of the need for retirement income later in life.


The period between the purchase date of a deferred annuity and the onset of the payout period is known as the accumulation period. You can pay for the annuity either in a single premium payment or in a series of periodic premium payments. The flexibility of UTUIA's annuity is in the amount and timing of contributions. Any amount ($25 minimum) can be contributed at any time.

All of the interest earnings accumulated in your annuity remain tax-sheltered until withdrawn.

Although UTUIA reserves the right to adjust its interest rate from time to time based on market conditions,

your annuity will never earn less than the GUARANTEED RATE of 3%.

When you begin making withdrawals, you will be taxed on only the amount you withdraw each year on which taxes have not previously been paid. (Federal law requires that the interest portion of your annuity be withdrawn and taxed first.) The remaining funds continue to accumulate tax-deferred. In all probability, you will benefit because you will be in a lower tax bracket than during the accumulation period.

Early withdrawals may be subject to a UTUIA surrender charge. Any amount withdrawn in the first policy year is subject to a UTUIA surrender charge. In the second through seventh policy years, as much as 10% of the annuity value may be withdrawn once per policy year without a UTUIA surrender charge. The charge is 5% in the first through third policy years, decreasing 1% per year through the seventh policy year. After seven years, 100% of the annuity value can be withdrawn without a UTUIA surrender charge.

At retirement, you may choose to annuitize your contract, i.e., to receive a series of periodic payments. UTUIA offers several settlement options which include:

  • Income of a Fixed Amount;
  • Income for a Fixed Period;
  • Life Income with Payments Guaranteed for a Fixed Period;
  • Special Arrangement.

Upon death, the annuity value of your Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity will be paid directly to your beneficiary which avoids the expenses, delays and frustrations of probate.

If you surrender your annuity early, there is an IRS tax penalty for withdrawing all or any part of it before age 59 1/2, except in the event of death or total disability, or unless the funds are paid out in a series of payments made over your life expectancy (or the joint life expectancy of you and your beneficiary). You must include a portion of the amount withdrawn as ordinary income for the year of receipt and, if applicable, you must pay the tax penalty.

Cancer Hospital Indemnity Application - 7/11/2009

Cancer is often a lingering disease that strikes all age groups. It may require repeated, extensive treatment, resulting in the person being unable to work, high hospitalization bills, and loss of income. The National Cancer Institute reports that Cancer will strike in three out of four families.

UTUIA's Cancer Hospital Indemnity policy offers peace of mind. The benefits are paid directly to you to use as you see fit — to help meet household expenses and other continuing expenses. This policy supplements regular hospitalization insurance, thereby protecting savings.

The coverage provides important benefits:

  • $2,000 First Diagnosis Benefit: Pays you a lump sum when you are diagnosed, for the first time in your lifetime, with internal cancer. Payable once per lifetime.
  • $300 Hospital Confinement Benefit: Pays you for each day you are confined to a hospital for treatment of cancer. This benefit is payable for the first ninety days of confinement for the treatment of cancer. No lifetime maximum!
  • $600 Extended Stay Benefit: Pays you for each day you are confined to a hospital for treatment of cancer. This benefit is payable beginning with the ninety-first day of continuous confinement for treatment of cancer. No lifetime maximum!
  • $100 Home Recovery and Convalescent Benefit: For each day of Hospital Confinement Benefit you are paid, you are eligible for two days of Home Recovery and Convalescent Benefit. You may receive a maximum of 90 days of Home Recovery and Convalescent Benefit per hospital confinement. No Lifetime Maximum!
  • $15,000 Bone Marrow Transplant Benefit: Pays you for surgical and anesthesia procedures performed when you receive a bone marrow transplant for the treatment of internal cancer. Payable once per lifetime.
  • Optional Family Rider covers your spouse and children.

Discipline Income Protection Program Rates - 7/11/2009


What is the Discipline Income Protection Program? -- It is a plan providing payment for a specific amount and period of time to an employee suspended, dismissed or removed from service by the carrier for alleged violation of rules or operating procedures, provided that such violations do not come within the list of exceptions not covered by the program.

What benefits are paid? -- You choose the level of benefits you want, from $6 to $200 per day, all at low monthly assessments. The term of benefits, from 250 to 365 days, depends on how long you have been enrolled in the program.


PAC (Political Action Committee) UTU Pledge Form - 7/23/2009

The United Transportation Union’s Political Action Committee (UTU PAC) is "An Investment in the Future

nUTU members, active and retired, need and deserve good government and sympathetic legislators. That’s because, compared with others, their jobs, pensions and futures are more directly affected by the actions of state and national lawmakers.
nWe in the UTU must work for and help those people who we feel are capable, knowledgeable and who recognize the problems that affect railroad, bus and transit workers
nThe best way to help elect representatives that understand the concerns of UTU members is by contributing to UTU PAC.
nThe best way to have a voice, a say, in matters that affect your finances and your family, is by contributing to UTU PAC.
UTU PAC contributions can be started or increased anytime, and they are deducted automatically from your paycheck.
UTU PAC contributes to qualified state and national political candidates, regardless of party affiliation.
UTU PAC protects the interests of active and retired members and safeguards laws, working conditions and pension rights.
UTU PAC has well-organized advisory committees in 47 states, and an office in Washington, D.C.
UTU PAC contributions can be made on a one-time basis by check, anytime, by active members, retirees, and all individuals who seek a more responsive government.
UTU PAC has more than 28,000 members across the country. They welcome your support and investment in the future of our great nation
You joined your fellow workers for the fraternal benefits of UTU membership, so why not join them to help elect compassionate state and national lawmakers?
 PLEASE CALL: SAM NASCA – State Legislative Representative (1-518-438-8403) or E-MAIL: SJNasca@aol.com

Another option that is available is to forward the form to Local 1440 Treasurer/Secretary - Vincent LaBella

Vincent LaBella can be reached at 1-718-662-3179 or E-Mail him at utu1440treasurer@gmail.com


SAFETY - Concerns & Contact Information


After filling out this form,

please forward this information either by E-Mail or inter-office mail to the Local Safety Officer - Kerry Halvorson

E-Mail Address - utu1440safetyofficer@gmail.com  

Inter-Office address - 331 Bay Street (Kerry Halvorson - B and B Dept.)

* The purpose of this form is to provide management with

documentation from the Union to be able to address all safety concerns*



This Form is for our members to express their suggestions in order to make our Union more organized and educated.  If you have any suggestions, please print this form, fill it out and hand it to your Vice Chairman. 

The union is not just 5 or 6 people, it is ALL 200 of us working together towards a more promising future!

Vice Chairperson - Monthly Log - 9/6/2010

This log MUST be completed monthly and delivered to General Secretary Joe Palmieri and Local Treasurer/Secretary Vincent LaBella.

Please identify the following: Incidents involving managment, safety situations, grievances filed and any other event that transpires out of the ordinary that concerns representing our members to it's fullest ability.